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Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Am I in an Abusive Relationship? YES or NO

Everyone has arguments and everyone disagrees with their partners from time to time, with family members and others close to them and that’s perfectly normal. We all do things at times that we regret and which causes unhappiness to those that we love and care about but if this begins to form a consistent pattern then it is an indication of domestic violence and abuse.

► Answer the following questions YES or NO …

• Is your partner trying to keep you from seeing your friends or your family ?

• Is your partner preventing you or making it hard for you to continue or start studying or going to work ?

• Does your partner constantly check up on you or even follow you ?

• Does your partner unjustly accuse you of flirting or of having affairs ?

• Does your partner constantly belittle or humiliate you or regularly criticise or insult you ?

• Are you ever afraid of your partner ?

• Has your partner ever destroyed any of your possessions deliberately ?

• Has your partner ever hurt or threatened you or your children ?

• Has your partner ever kept you short of money so you’re unable to buy food and other necessary items for yourself and your children or made you take out loans ?

• Has your partner ever forced you to do something that you really did not want to do ?

• Has your partner ever tried to prevent you from taking necessary medications or seeking medical help when you felt that you needed it ?

• Has your partner ever tried to control you by telling you that you could be deported because of your immigration status ?

• Has your partner ever threatened to take your children away or said he would refuse to let you take them with you ?

• Has your partner ever forced or harassed you to have sex with him or with other people? has he made you participate in sexual activities that you were uncomfortable with ?

• Has your partner ever tried to prevent you leaving the house ?

• Does your partner blame his use of alcohol or drugs, mental health conditions or family history for his behaviour on you ?

• Does your partner control your use of alcohol or drugs, for example by forcing your intake or by withholding those particular substances – alcohol or drugs ?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions then this is a very strong indicator that you may be experiencing domestic abuse!

► Help

• You can call the national domestic violence helpline, It’s run in partnership with women’s aid and refuge on 0808 2000 247

You can call Anxious Minds in Newcastle on 0191 262 0305 to book an appointment. We have a NO WAITING LIST policy so you can ring us one day and possibly even come in to see us the same day! if not it’ll probably be the next day or very shortly afterwards.