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Colour Breathing 3 Minute Meditation

Colour Breathing 3 Minute Meditation

Hello and welcome to Anxious Minds.

My name is Kelly and today we are going to be talking about a self-help tool – Colour Breathing.

First choose a colour relating to how you might be feeling right now then make yourself comfortable, sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing. Anytime there are other thoughts, images, sounds or sensations come to mind just notice them and then gently bring your attention back to your breathing and your colour. Perhaps imagine that you have a balloon in your belly and notice how the balloon inflates as you breathe in and deflates as you breathe out.

Notice the sensations in your abdomen as your belly rises as the balloon inflates on the in-breath and falls as the balloon deflates on the out breath. Now visualise you’r colour perhaps in the form of light or mist. If it’s difficult to visualise that colour just imagine in your mind’s eye something that is that colour for instance green grass or blue sea or sky, orange sunset or a pink dawn. See it in front of you over you feel it surrounding you and enveloping you as usually breathe become aware of breathing in your colour into your nose your throat your chest and abdomen.

Imagine now that colour spreading out within you into every part of your body and notice the effects that it has, notice the sensations in your body as this coloured light or mist flows into and spreads throughout your body and mind. Notice how the colour is affecting your body and your mind as you allow it to gently flow and infuse your body and mind. Continue to notice the colour and the sensation that it brings. Any time the attention wanders simply notice that it’s wondered then gently bring your focus back to your colour. whenever you are ready start to bring your attention back to here and now where you are. Open your eyes and look around noticing what you see and what you hear, take a couple of breaths and notice the pleasing sensations that accompany this relaxing coloured breathing