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Self Help Tool – The Helicopter View

The Helicopter View

Hello and welcome to Anxious Minds. My name is Kelly and today we’re going to be looking at a self-help tool called the ‘Helicopter View’.

When something is distressing us we’re so close to it we’re involved with it and part of it, it’s really hard to stand back from what’s happening. We see the close-up view but we can’t see anything else. It’s like the well-known saying “We can’t say the wood for the trees” if we could zoom out our view like a helicopter hovering above we’d be able to see the bigger picture.

We could stand back, be less emotionally involved and see a different perspective.

Now imagine you’re in a helicopter and you’re hovering and beneath is the landing pad and on that landing pad is an H. In the top left-hand corner ask yourself “What am I reacting to?” “What does this situation mean to me?” Opposite the top right hand side “Others – ‘What would this look like to others involved?” and then “Stop! take a breath, ask yourself “What is the bigger picture?” and bottom left is the “Outsider – How would this seem to someone outside of the situation that is not emotionally involved?” and finally “Wise Mind – What would be the best thing to do for me, for others and for this situation?”…