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When Anxiety Keeps you Awake

When Anxiety Keeps you Awake

Anxiety keeps people awake at night and very often it’s tied in with your not being able to relax because you’re stressed, so what to do when anxiety keeps you awake.

Don’t blame yourself for your anxiety, that’s a key point for you to try and remember if you possibly can, this is the most important piece of information I can give and the one that takes the longest to come to terms with really. It’s very common for a person to frame their anxiety, like it’s some kind of character flaw, so that self blaming main set causes people to beat themselves up making it much harder for them to to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

The causes of anxiety are many fold really and regardless of where yours comes from the truth remains ‘Anxiety is not a stain on your moral character’ it’s simply a part of life and nothing more than that so framing it in this way allows you to approach it in a slightly healthier way.

Don’t try to actually fall asleep. Once you’ve stopped seeing anxiety as an enemy you can get to work on actually dealing with your lack of sleep. One particular strategy is to not actually try and fall asleep. This may sound a little counter productive but focusing so intensely on sleeping will just cause your mind to race even more which actually just makes the problem worse.

So instead just try and lie in bed, close your eyes and relax. If you fall asleep great – if not you’re still relaxing.

Put on your favourite music. The therapeutic effects of music have been known to us since ancient times indeed in a lot of people’s experience music can make a few situations much better. No matter how distressing those situations may actually be make a point to put on a song or an album that you really love unconditionally and this is for two reasons – it gives you mind something to focus on besides sleep and it will help your mind and associate being awake with something positive.

Try not to put on the kind of music that might upset you or bring your mood down, try and avoid that kind of music if you possibly can.

Writing in a journal .. This is a big favourite of a lot of people because you can do it in private and you can do it in your own time so you can take whatever anxious thoughts are in your mind and commit them to paper and writing them actually is quite naturally cathartic. In the process of journaling your anxieties your banishing negative thoughts from your mind.

The last one .. It is the last extreme really. You can actually call a doctor if you think that’s necessary or somebody else if you think that’s necessary. If your concerned that your lack of sleep may be symptomatic of possibly something more serious going on for you then you should seek medical help immediately.

Much like having anxiety in general seeking help is not a stain on your character, it is the most important step that you could possibly take on the road to becoming more emotionally healthy.